Racing Bikes

Bike racing is one of the most exciting sports in the world. Adrenaline kicks in from the starting line to the finish line and the type of machine you are using will determine your chances of winning or a serious crash. You don’t want to go on the track with a bike that will frustrate you halfway. That is why you need one of these fantastic racing bikes on your big day.

Ducati 1098 Series:



It is in the 10th position in the ranking of the fastest racing bikes in the world. The Italy made Ducati has a liquid cooled L-Twin Cylinder engine with 160 HP. The 1099cc engine has four valves for each cylinder that helps it attain a maximum speed of 169 mph equivalent to 271 km/h.


BMW K1200 S:



This bike from BMW has the best suspensions and brakes that allow it to stop safely from high speed. The 6-speed manual transmission bike has an 1157cc DOHC engine with 16valve and four cylinders. The difference in speed between this bike and the Ducati 1098 Series is a 5mph.


Aprilia RSV 1000R Mile:



The bike’s top speed is 175mph, and it is an updated version of the RSV Mille. A 998cc V-twin engine powers it. It is a favorite for most racers.


Kawasaki Ninja Zx:



Ninja series bikes have remained among the best and fastest bikes. It has a 1441cc liquid cooled engine with four valves with a maximum speed of 186mph. It can accelerate from 0-100 k/hr in 2.7 seconds and up to 200k/hr in 7.2 seconds.


MV Augusta F4:



The bike uses a multi-disk wet clutch and a 6-speed transmission system. It has a 4-cylinder 16 radial valve 998cc liquid-cooled engine. Its maximum speed is 184mph.


Yamaha YXF R1:



The Japanese Yamaha manufacturer is renowned for the manufacture of one of the best bikes in the world. The 2015 Yamaha edition has a maximum horsepower of 197 and a top speed of 186mph. It has a 998cc DOHC liquid cooled engine with a 16-valve inline four-cylinder to power it.


Honda CBR 1100 Blackbird:



The bike uses a close-ration 6-speed transmission system. It has a 152 HP liquid cooled 1137cc and a four-cylinder engine that allows it to have a maximum speed of 190 mph.


MTT Turbine Superbike Y2K:



The bike looks slightly different from the rest of the bikes and is powered by a turbo shaft engine with 320 horsepower. It has a 2-speed automatic transmission system unlike most of the bikes. It is quite fast with the 227mph top speed making it the third fastest bike.


Suzuki Hayabusa:



It has the best shape design among all the racing bikes available. It runs on a maximum speed of 248 mph and 197Hp. The bike has a 1397cc DOHC liquid cooled engine with 16 valves and 4 cylinders.


Dodge Mohawk:



It is the leading among the fastest bikes in the world with a maximum speed of 420mph and 500Horsepower. It has a 10-cylinder, 90degrees V-shaped, and 8-liter engine. Dodge Mohawk uses a 2-speed transmission system. It consists of two wheels at the front and the back, which is its distinguishing feature among all other bikes